Touch Typing Week #3

Time for another update on my touch typing skill progress: after 3 weeks I can say that I definitely see improvements, the chart will tell you the same, however I am not ready to touch-type yet (tried to type this post using this method but it was so slow and frustrating that I had to do it the old way :) )

The main problem now is that the tool does not use any other keys except letters and when I need to press “backspace”, correct a mistake or place quotes – this just ruins the flow completely and slows down things tremendously – I wonder if the tool has some exercises for those keys too or I will have to just adapt to other keys on my own.

Anyway besides me being lazy and skipping some days of practice it is working and I am going to continue, the initial estimation is surely going to be blown off by a significant margin but hey, I still want this skill – probably couple more weeks and English will be conquered, then it’s Russian.