FPLog Begins

In my previous post on logging I wrote about how it could be future-proofed and now I would like to give this concept some development.. literally – I want to develop a logging solution based on the concept presented earlier.

The solution will consist of client and server parts.

  • C++ and Java API
  • Various transports (Ethernet, Bluetooth, Serial, USB)
  • Windows, Linux and Android support


  • MongoDB as persistent storage
  • GUI application in Java and Spring
  • Windows and Linux support

With this project I would like to practice multiplatform development, refresh my rusty Java in the process and finally create a logging solution that I can use later in some other projects. Well, let’s see how it goes, hopefully not like 99.999% of such hobby side projects (hint: dev/null :) )

By the way the name of the project is ‘fplog’ which reflects the idea of this solution being future-proof.