Learning Touch Typing

The first skill I would like to master in 2014 is touch typing. I made several attempts previously but failed because the task is too boring and repetitive.. Some say the skill is essential for programmers some disagree and there seem to be no real facts – only opinions. Well, I am going to test it either way because despite the typing speed is not so important while coding, thinking about typing distracts from the code and ideas that you are trying to code.

I intend to train for 30 minutes a day and report the progress. Searching the net for touch type tutors I have found one solution particularly popular in Russian segment of the net, called ErgoSolo. Downloaded, installed, tried, puked, uninstalled. I will not even give you a link to this crapware – wants to install a bunch of Yandex shit together with it and also has a very unfriendly DRM – install only on 1 PC, if there are hardware changes to your PC you need another registration code and if hardware changes occurred after 6 months from purchase you will have to repurchase, no kidding..

Long story short, I am using keybr.com, so far so good – supports languages I need (English and Russian) and is free for now at least. Currently I am touch-typing like a pro with astonishing speed of 12 words per minute making mere 22 mistakes ;) Hopefully this situation improves in the coming weeks (target is 5 weeks for both languages, digits, functional and other keys).