Progress Report

A brief summary of how things are going with my projects.

Touch Typing

After 7 weeks I stopped training and started using this new skill in day-to-day activities. Now 12 weeks have passed since I started and I should say that I am back to regular practice – I keep making lots of mistakes and need to correct myself all the time, especially when typing involves large number of special characters & punctuation (e.g. programming). So, back to non-legacy version, they made great improvements and provide possibility to include all those pesky punctuations into training sessions. For now I am stuck at about 19 wpm with 5 or so mistakes per minute in general.


Protocol is ready and tested but IPC proved to be a harder nut to crack so I am doing and re-doing it currently. sprot does not allow broadcast and full duplex communication which makes everything harder and communicating processes need a way to identify themselves, like when some process is writing it specifically needs to state who should be the receiver of this message. This does not align well with the model of fplogd listening for “new connections” from components that want to send log information. So there should be some mechanism (maybe config files) that will tell fplogd what senders it should listen to.

That’s about all I wanted to tell with this update 3 months into the not-so-new-anymore 2014 year. Last bit of statistics – I managed to put around 6 hours per week into fplog project, so I am a lazy bastard and should do a better job :)