Progress Report

A brief summary of how things are going with my projects.

Touch Typing

After 7 weeks I stopped training and started using this new skill in day-to-day activities. Now 12 weeks have passed since I started and I should say that I am back to regular practice – I keep making lots of mistakes and need to correct myself all the time, especially when typing involves large number of special characters & punctuation (e.g. programming). So, back to non-legacy version, they made great improvements and provide possibility to include all those pesky punctuations into training sessions. For now I am stuck at about 19 wpm with 5 or so mistakes per minute in general.


Protocol is ready and tested but IPC proved to be a harder nut to crack so I am doing and re-doing it currently. sprot does not allow broadcast and full duplex communication which makes everything harder and communicating processes need a way to identify themselves, like when some process is writing it specifically needs to state who should be the receiver of this message. This does not align well with the model of fplogd listening for “new connections” from components that want to send log information. So there should be some mechanism (maybe config files) that will tell fplogd what senders it should listen to.

That’s about all I wanted to tell with this update 3 months into the not-so-new-anymore 2014 year. Last bit of statistics – I managed to put around 6 hours per week into fplog project, so I am a lazy bastard and should do a better job :)

Touch Typing Week #7

Seems like I have reached a plateau – for about a week speed & number of errors stayed more or less the same. I have tried to use this new skill in my daily tasks but have again noticed that I am totally lacking skills in using punctuation and other special characters which makes using touch-typing not practical yet.

With this in mind I have started to search for a software that includes other characters besides letters in training sessions. It turned out that using non-legacy mode it is already possible with, however as I understood, digits are still out of the scope of the regular lessons. Anyway I am continuing my training sessions, now including punctuation & capital letters. Because of that reported stats have dropped significantly (as you can see on the last bar of the chart), the actual results are worse than the chart shows though because non-legacy version of the has different charts and I will be posting those later, what you see on the last bar was an attempt to type in some text from the news site.

So my actual typing speed now is ~14 wpm on average, including punctuation & stuff. However a good news is that now I can start using touch-typing to some extent, for example to write this post. That wasn’t very fast but at least I see the progress and really believe that in some weeks ahead I will be able to type like this at work.


Touch Typing Week #5

Please look at your left, we will be passing the initial estimation right about now. Well, that’s it for touch typing in 5 weeks – not happening. Lots of of work and other small tasks forced touch typing out of the day-to-day activities, will be trying to get back on course during the weeks ahead, now I guesstimate another 3 weeks should do the trick for English but then 8 more weeks for Russian.


Touch Typing Week #3

Time for another update on my touch typing skill progress: after 3 weeks I can say that I definitely see improvements, the chart will tell you the same, however I am not ready to touch-type yet (tried to type this post using this method but it was so slow and frustrating that I had to do it the old way :) )

The main problem now is that the tool does not use any other keys except letters and when I need to press “backspace”, correct a mistake or place quotes – this just ruins the flow completely and slows down things tremendously – I wonder if the tool has some exercises for those keys too or I will have to just adapt to other keys on my own.

Anyway besides me being lazy and skipping some days of practice it is working and I am going to continue, the initial estimation is surely going to be blown off by a significant margin but hey, I still want this skill – probably couple more weeks and English will be conquered, then it’s Russian.


Touch Typing Week #1

Well, I must say that it is harder than expected and also I was too lazy to do it every day at least not for 30 minutes (on average I was touch-typing for 21 minutes a day). Anyway there is some progress, see the chart below (don’t pay much attention to the first 2 days – I was not positioning my hands correctly for doing proper touch typing, on the 3rd day that was fixed and speed dropped almost below zero :) along with the number of typos). So now I am able to touch-type 12 words per minute doing 10 errors, that’s it for the first week.


Learning Touch Typing

The first skill I would like to master in 2014 is touch typing. I made several attempts previously but failed because the task is too boring and repetitive.. Some say the skill is essential for programmers some disagree and there seem to be no real facts – only opinions. Well, I am going to test it either way because despite the typing speed is not so important while coding, thinking about typing distracts from the code and ideas that you are trying to code.

I intend to train for 30 minutes a day and report the progress. Searching the net for touch type tutors I have found one solution particularly popular in Russian segment of the net, called ErgoSolo. Downloaded, installed, tried, puked, uninstalled. I will not even give you a link to this crapware – wants to install a bunch of Yandex shit together with it and also has a very unfriendly DRM – install only on 1 PC, if there are hardware changes to your PC you need another registration code and if hardware changes occurred after 6 months from purchase you will have to repurchase, no kidding..

Long story short, I am using, so far so good – supports languages I need (English and Russian) and is free for now at least. Currently I am touch-typing like a pro with astonishing speed of 12 words per minute making mere 22 mistakes ;) Hopefully this situation improves in the coming weeks (target is 5 weeks for both languages, digits, functional and other keys).