Archive repos for discontinued Ubuntu versions

This is bad advice for lazy ass Linux user, in this case my future self.

Some time ago, trying to update my Linux box, I realized that I cannot do that – package repositories return some 404-like error, cannot find any content in the official repos.
Of course I immediately started to search for mirror repos but it turned out to be much more tricky..  Finally I learned that non-LTS distribution packages go to special archive repos after support of the distribution version is officially discontinued and you will be able to find all the packages there.

So, here they are, couple of lines that saved me a lot of time and allowed me to continue using aging Ubuntu repo:

deb saucy main universe restricted multiverse
deb saucy partner

In my case these lines ended up inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d/additional-repositories.list
Just replace saucythere with code name of your distro version and you are good to continue using your old distro exposing yourself to all the possible security threats out there.. ENJOY!

Backup Your Files

After the important files are in order and synced between devices we sort of get them backed up this way to a certain extent of course – this backup will not make your workstation boot into OS again in case something bad happens with HDD or boot partition.. Below is the list of software I use for full partition/HDD backup.


Acronis True Image: it’s commercial, used it for years, restored backups successfully several times, allows creating live-cd to boot and restore HDD.


clonezilla + partclone: use for full disk backup, free as in beer & speech but make sure you have the compatible pair because clonezilla depends on partclone and in my case (Mint 17 disrto) default partclone was incompatible with default clonezilla version (issue was -z param of partclone). Seems the easiest way to get both correct versions of clonezilla and partclone is to use “Clonezilla Live” distribution on USB stick, installed using tuxboot.

You need a live-cd to boot & backup because partition/HDD you plan to backup has to be unmounted. I was actually looking into using Acronis for Linux but did not feel very enthusiastic about the price of this edition – it seems only Enterprise edition works on Linux with price tag around 1000$..

Deja Dup: home directory incremental backup/restore.


Time Machine? Not sure yet because did not set up backup on my Mac. Will be trying out that option but I’ve read it is now incompatible with Samba shares, however a workaround is available – will test that and update the post.

UPDATE (10.09.2015)
After almost a year I am finally ready to update this post with my OSX preference and this is SuperDuper!, whole disk backup.